About Us

The Mississippi REALTORS® Land Institute is a network of real estate professionals dedicated to providing expert advice and service to the public. Members expand their knowledge and brokerage skills through professional training and seminars and many of them attain the 'Accredited Land Consultant' (ALC) designation, an indication of the most accomplished, experienced, educated, and highest performing land professional across the country.

Mississippi RLI members participate in local, state and national marketing sessions to promote the interests of their clients and to learn about new market opportunities. They work with a diversity of properties including farms, nurseries, vineyards, orchards, ranches, timberland, recreational, residential subdivision, multi-family, and commercial & industrial land.

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Member Benefits:

The Online Directory of Members
The Members & Land Consultants Directory is a key part of our efforts in improving your networking capabilities. Whether you are marketing properties, seeking to assist a customer acquire properties, or seeking information relative to a particular land use or type, the roster is your source for finding the most knowledgeable and experience land specialists. You will find RLI members the most cooperative and viable land referral network. If any part of your real estate business involves land, a membership in RLI is your ticket to continued success.

Terra Firma
The Institute publishes Terra Firma in both a weekly email newsletter and a quarterly publication. As a member of RLI, you will receive these publications and will be kept informed about the Institute's meetings, educational events, and marketing opportunities; as well as industry news and legislative and regulatory issues facing land specialists.
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National RLI Membership Application
There are now two options to complete an application for membership. You may complete the online application or you may download a copy of the application and submit it by fax, mail, or email to:

REALTORS® Land Institute
430 N. Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60611
fax: 312.329.8633
Email: rli@realtors.org

MS Chapter Membership Application
Don't forget to send in your application for State Chapter dues as well. Yearly MS RLI dues are only $50. Member services include being listed on the Member & Land Consultants Directory, receiving information about meetings and education offerings, and receiving our chapter’s monthly newsletter. For information about joining the Mississippi Chapter of RLI, contact Chapter Administrator: Glenda Gilmer; 601-932-5241.